Lower Extremity Prostheses
For patients requiring a lower extremity prosthesis, Advanced Motion Control Inc. can provide custom temporary and definitive prostheses. For new amputations, a patient will be fit with a temporary prosthesis. After wear and use of a temporary prosthesis, a patient may require a full new prosthesis, or a definitive prosthesis.
Our Prosthetist will take you through every step on the way to getting your new prosthesis. This process includes:
● Evaluation: Examination of the limb, component options, desired activity level and more will be discussed.
● Casting and measuring of the limb
● Fitting a test socket. A socket is the part of the prosthesis that contacts the residual limb. This test socket is made of a material that can be easily adjusted by our Prosthetist in order to find the perfect custom fit for each patient.
● A series of further adjustments and test socket fittings will be had until an optimum fit is achieved.
● Delivery: Once the ideal specifications for your prosthesis are determined, the prosthesis will be finished with a final socket and delivered to the patent.

Socket Replacements
A new definitive prosthesis is not always required. If the integrity of the components of the prosthesis are still good but a patients limb has significantly changed in shape or size, a socket replacement may be required. Orthotics & Prostheses labs is able to replace the socket component of a prosthesis to restore an optimum fit.
This process, similar to a new prosthesis, consists of measuring and casting the limb and adjusting test sockets until an ideal fit is established. The socket is then finished and attached to the other components of the prosthesis.

Adjustments and Prostheses Components
Once your prosthesis is delivered, Advanced Motion Control INC. is here to ensure you continued to stay satisfied with it. Our Prosthetist and technicians are able to make repairs and adjustments to your prosthesis right in the office!
We are able to replace the components of your prosthesis as it becomes necessary and as your limb may change slightly we are able to make appropriate adjustments for continued comfort.

Prostheses Supplies
Advanced Motion Control Inc. also provides any supplies you may need for care and use of your prosthesis. From prostheses socks and liners to lotion for your residual limb and more. AMC is able to provide what you need for life with a prosthesis.

Upper Extremity and Other Prostheses
Although we specialize in lower extremity prostheses, Advanced Motion Control Inc. is also able to provide patients with upper extremity prostheses. We will help you explore the options available to you for the prostheses device you require and will ensure an ideal finished prosthesis.

Upper Limb Prostheses
A prosthesis is an artificial device that substitutes for a missing part of the body. Upper limb prostheses can be applied anywhere from the shoulder joint through the fingers, including the fingers, the hand, the wrist, the forearm, the elbow, the upper arm, and the shoulder.


Whether you are a diabetic looking for appropriate footwear or an athlete looking to improve your performance, we can help you. If you are an amputee wishing to do some of the activities you used to enjoy or to accomplish new goals, we can help you.

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